The Christian Ceremony 
If you decide to have a Christian ceremony, you will need to meet up with your priest or minister as soon as the wedding plans begin. They will be able to assist you with the legal and doctrinal protocol of such a bond. They will also be able to explain the rich symbolism and age-old customs that need to be observed in a Christian ceremony. 

The Procedure 
The Groom and Best Man enter from the side of the church and await the arrival of the Bride. Traditionally, the processional music begins as the Bride and her father (or significant other who has been chosen if her father, for any reason, is unable to do so) arrive at the church.

The guests then rise and the Groom and his Best Man take their place at the foot of the aisle. Flower Girls lead the procession, then the Bridesmaids are escorted down the aisle by the Groomsmen, followed by the Maid-of-Honour who enters alone.

Finally, the Bride and her father proceed down the aisle. The Bride’s father leads her to the Groom and places her hand in his.

The minister then addresses the congregation, welcoming them and asking who gives the Bride to the Groom. Her father responds and leaves her with the Groom.

At this point, there may be an opening hymn followed by the Greeting or Opening Prayer delivered by the Priest. Usually the Priest will give an introduction explaining what a Christian marriage entails. Readings follow, usually from the Old Testament. During the ceremony there will be readings from the Gospel or elsewhere in the New Testament.

The Wedding Vows follow. The vows may be traditional, or words of commitment may be spoken that have been personally written by the Bride and Groom.

After the vows, rings are exchanged and the couple are permitted to kiss. The ring is a symbol for the unbreakable bond just professed in front of the priest and loved ones.

During the ceremony, Communion will be shared with the other Christians present at the wedding. At this point there will probably be a prayer and blessing for the couple and then for the congregation as a whole.

The couple are then invited to sign the registry. The minister takes this opportunity to introduce the newly wedded couple to the congregation and they then leave the church as husband and wife to music playing festively.

This is only a very general outline of a Christian ceremony, it can be personalised or altered to suit your own individual desires.